Drama Of Life – What Are Your Roles In It?

by Patrick Liew on July 31, 2018

Drama Of Life – What Are Your Roles In It?

If life is a drama and we play different roles in it, take proactive steps in crafting your own script and choosing your own parts in it.

Make a decision to play different roles to support different people.

In doing so, make a positive difference to their lives.

Prayerfully, they will be better off after meeting you than before meeting you.

They will share magical moments when they are with you, and enjoy beautiful memories when they are not with you.

The following are some of the dream parts to play with your limited resources.

Carry out these dream parts for a targeted group of people that can be impacted by you for a good cause.

First, be a dream-maker.

Help others find or reignite the dreams in their hearts.

Without a dream, they will be drifting through life.

They will be like traveling without a map and being carried by the winds aimlessly to an undesirable destination.

Help them unleash their maximum potentials and live a purposeful life.

Secondly, be a bondage-breaker.

Many people are trapped in the past.

They carry past hurts and baggages.

Those blockages prevent them from being the best they can me.

As a result, they cannot run faster and further in life.

By the power and authority given to you by our Creator, break these bondages.

Release people from the prisons of their minds and souls.

And remove toxic burdens from their hearts and minds.

Set them free so that they can soar to the stars of their dreams.

Thirdly, be a win-win relationship builder.

Build a positive relationship with like-minded people so that together with them, you can serve a worthy cause.

Aim to help them become successful and along the way, you will also learn to practice the art and science of achieving success.

Many of of them will also reciprocate your deeds of kindness and help you become successful too.

As for me, I’m just aiming to have a win relationship and not a win-win relationship.

As long as my friends win, I’m happy and will continue to rejoice with them.

Fourthly, be a life-giver.

We have only one short life to live and there is no dress rehearsal.

Therefore, life should not be wasted.

Every moment should be wisely treasured and invested to help us live a great lifestyle and make full use of life.

As a life-giver, endeavor to inspire people to achieve greatness.

Fifthly, be a value-multiplier.

As the Bible says, the highest level of contribution is to love people just as we love ourselves.

Loving others includes value-adding to their lives and the environments that they live in.

The best way to do so is to leverage on your talents, strengths, and advantages to make a positive impact on their lives.

Help them move from success to significance in their professional and personal lives.

Sixthly, be a creator of magical memories.

Life is not about how long we live but whether what we have achieved and the positive impact we make on lives will last beyond our lifetimes.

One of the best gifts you can offer to others is a treasure cove of memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

A good measurement of whether you have lived a good life is the amount of beautiful memories you have created and left behind for others.

Last but not least, be an evangelist of love.

Love is the most powerful force in life.

It is what the world needs to make it a better home.

Love is not out there. It is within you.

You are created to love and be loved.

The paradoxical truth is that the more you reach out to love others, the more love you will have to share with them and others.

Once you have learned how to live with love, you cannot operate on the same plane anymore.

You cannot see the world around you in the same way.

Therefore, inspire others to share love, kindness, and compassion.

Together with them, reach out to the last, the least, and and the lost.

Do your part to help them live with dignity, live meaningfully, and age graciously.

If you are mindful, you will be conscious of the blessings that our Creator has bestowed on you.

You are blessed so that you can in turn be a blessing to others.

In the drama of life, play the part of a supporting cast to help your friends shine as heroes and heroines.

Help them live a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling life.

When you play the roles of a dream-maker, a bondage-breaker, a win-win relationship builder, a life-giver, a value-multiplier,a creator of magical memories, and an evangelist of love, you will end up living the best of life.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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