Education Is Life.

by Patrick Liew on January 11, 2017

This week is the first week of school for many children.

It’s important to be remind ourselves that academic success should not be narrowly defined by the student’s school and his academic results and achievements.

The end point of education should be about producing a moral, wise, responsible, productive, and useful person who knows how to work with others to address social injustice and transform the world for good.

In this regard, it bodes well to remember that every student has a unique set of personality, talents, and interests.

Together, they can form strengths and advantages to propel the student to achieve a more sustainable success.

Therefore, we should help him develop his strengths and pursue positive passions, values, and aspirations.

By helping him to expand his potential and leverage on his strengths, he is in a better position to contribute to the people and environment around him and find personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Sadly, the focus of many parents and some educators is still predominantly on helping students do well in standardized assessment, based mainly on intellectual knowledge and abilities.

In the name of meritocracy, they sometimes prefer a system that is examination-centric.

They lean towards assessing educational outcomes based on academic results.

As a result, many of our students have not been able to identity and develop their distinctive potential and strengths.

These students do not capitalise on them because their talents have been buried in the deep recesses of their being.

Some of these students have been cruelly deceived to believe that they are lesser than what they really are. They can’t go far and do well with their life.

Like an undiscovered diamond, they are covered by layers after layers of lies, half truths, and misinformation.

Their giftedness remains buried deep under the ground of ignorance and apathy.
I trust that we will look at educational outcomes and results from the angle of multiple intelligences and not just on intellectual intelligence.

Let’s help our children to be able to take multiple pathways to achieve different destinations of excellence.

Let’s help them to enjoy learning and develop the passion to learn how to learn.

Let’s help them develop their character, strengthen positive values, and develop 21st century skills.

Let’s develop our students in a more holistic, balanced and future-ready way.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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