Enough Is Enough! – It’s Time To Stop Gun Violence!

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

Enough Is Enough! – It’s Time To Stop Gun Violence!

I felt very sad to read about another senseless shooting and killing in the U.S.

As a retired soldier in the reservist, I like to think few people know the dangers and harms of firearms better than soldiers.

As a fellow human, I once wrote my 2-cent worth of suggestion to the Big Chief in the U.S. but I’m not sure he has the time to read it.

The U.S. has the highest rate of gun violence in the world.

The sad truth is that this problem cannot be totally eradicated because the right to bear arms is enshrined in the US Constitution.

According to research from Harvard and Northeastern universities, there are about 265 million privately-owned guns.

It is almost impossible to change the Constitution, and confiscate or remove the guns from at-risk owners.

Having said that, the authorities can treat guns as a social problem.

Subject to the laws in every state, perhaps there are ways to cope with and address such a real and potential social problem.

1. Prevention

The authorities should ensure that guns are sold to the right people.

There should be a background check of buyers to ensure that guns do not fall into wrong hands.

If there are any doubts, they should monitor the purpose for buying the gun and its usage.

Restrict sales of guns, types of guns, and quantity of guns to buyers.

2. Conditions

Licensed vendors can maintain a detailed register of those owners, including means to contact them, and ways to seek their cooperation for safety and security purposes.

Establish conditions on how they should carry their guns, including concealing them in public places.

3. Protection

Law enforcement forces, families and counselors should be given options to restrain suspicious people from owning a firearm.

Those forces should be able to confiscate the weapons from them and prevent them from owning and using the weapons.

They should have the power to order owners to surrender their firearms.

And apply stringent restraining orders to stop them from not only owning a gun but also from accessing and using a gun.

4. Education

People of influence, including community leaders, teachers, doctors, and counselors should be roped in to educate the people from young about risks and dangers of owning a gun.

There should be a training program to ensure that owners know how to control themselves and secure their guns properly, including how to keep guns out of the hands of children and others.

5. Technology

Technological tools can be used to enhance protection and safety levels of guns.

For example, biometrics can be used to ensure that guns can only be activated and used by owners.

It can also prevent accidental shootings when guns are in the wrong hands.

6. Comprehensive Approach

The National Rifle Association and manufacturers of firearms may deliberately, unwittingly or carelessly be some of the roadblocks to positive changes.

The authorities should take a multi-thrust approach to persuade them to come to the table to resolve a longstanding problem.

Key stakeholders from the public, private and people sectors should take a concerted approach to prevent or reduce gun violence.

For example, fundings should be raised to conduct research on gun violence, including causes and preventions of gun violence.

With support of proper evidence, they can carry out necessary changes, such as revising the Protection of Lawful Commmerce in Arms.

This is an Act that prevents victims of gun violence from civil claims against the gun manufacturers.

Such an Act may not compel manufacturers to help promote safety in sales and use of firearms, and prevent gun violence.

Consumers can also be encouraged to adopt positive changes and reform the industry through bottom-up and peer-to-peer initiatives.

Every life lost through gun violence is one life too many, and it should compel everybody to reflect about gun violence and do something about it.

It is the responsibility of every human to proactively push for the necessary changes to prevent gun violence.

Otherwise, the innocent’s blood is on his or her hands.



I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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