Future-Proofing Our Students

by Patrick Liew on March 15, 2017

While the Ministry of Education has done well to reform the educational system in recent years, my concern is that we may be addressing the symptoms but not the roots of the problems.


Many of our students are living a relatively comfortable lifestyle and surrounded by modern-day luxuries.

How can our educational system shape their mindsets to survive and succeed in the future economy?

Developing a future-ready mindset include strengthening responsibility capacity, capability, agility, adaptability and tenacity to respond to a fast changing and challenging world.

How can the system help students develop metacognitive skills?

These are skills for higher-order thinking and they can strengthen students’ ability to think how to think in a more effective and efficient way to achieve better results.

Learning how to learn, feeling how to feel, and improving on how to improve oneself is one of the highest levels of learning outcomes.

How can we help students develop other meta skills?

Meta skills are skills that can be built upon and cross-fertilized to develop other skills in response to changing requirements in the communities, workplaces and society.

Meta skills include fluid intelligence skills, creativity and innovative skills, self-regulation skills, leadership and emotional intelligence, and giving back skills.

How can we help students develop mastery of skills?

We cannot afford to train our students to just become specialists in a specific field of discipline.

We need to train them in a more holistic, multidisciplinary, dynamic and chaos-responsive way so that they can have the skill set to pursue different pathways of excellence.

With the foundation of effective mindsets, metacognitive skills, meta skills, and mastery of skills, our students can better respond and adapt to changes and challenges.

They’ll be in a better position to become pacesetters and pioneers in the future economy.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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