Government’s Role In The Future of Technology

by Patrick Liew on March 21, 2017

Integrating technology-related agencies under one organization will strengthen communications, collaborations and co-creation of solutions.

However, be mindful that the same person doing roughly the same job in a new organization may not generate radical breakthroughs and results.

It’s also possible that such a group of people may have a tendency to keep others with critical and conflicting views on the sideline or out of the group.

To overcome tendency to hold on to status quo and take a tried and tested route, the government may have to hire a more diverse team of talents who are not from the public sector.

These talents should have a global view of the new world and be knowledgeable and competent in handling advanced and disruptive technology and their future developments.

There are ample evidence to suggest that diversity, pluralism and multiculturalism in a team can contribute new models, knowledge and skill sets to strengthen insights, innovations, and impacts.

As civil servants do not have a monopoly of wisdom, domain knowledge specialists can also be invited to become competent devil’s advocates to challenge proposed policies, plans and initiatives.

They should also continue to engage target audiences and solicit feedback from them as well as from the public.

By having a wider spectrum of inputs and contributions, it can compel civil servants to develop different presuppositions and models that may help achieve not just incremental but also quantum leaps of results.

In a fast-changing world, we need to set up environmental scanning and intelligence-gathering systems on a global basis.

Build data analytical system that will help us harness information, analyse economic and business trends, and evaluate impact of new and emerging developments and opportunities.

These systems can offer us first-mover options to become a game-changing and disruptive government that can help Singapore move up the food and value chain to become a leading global hub in the future economy.


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