Great Singapore Sales : Let’s Help Our Retailers.

by Patrick Liew on October 3, 2016

The Great Singapore Sales (GSS) should not just be an event for retailers but an event for us to shine as a people and as a country.

The GSS is not just an opportunity to attract tourists to shop and contribute to our overall economy.

Just as importantly, GSS is also a great platform for us to showcase some of our aspirational values such as our diverse and harmonious culture, warm and caring people, beautiful landscapes that combine the best of nature and urban living, and diligent, creative and innovative spirit.

GSS can be the catalyst to help us further strengthen these values to become an urban miracle of the 21st century.

By attracting foreigners to our land, it can also spur us to soar higher together in showing the world what we’re capable of doing and achieving for ourselves and for the world.

GSS is an opportune time for us to stretch out our hands of friendships so that when these foreigners leave our island state, they’ll carry back with them beautiful memories to share with their people.

All these factors can contribute to more positive bilateral relationships and help us earn our place in the fast-changing world.

Under this light and coupled with waning support and sales in recent times, let’s be consider enlarging the GSS’ organising committee to include retailers and other key stakeholders.

Let’s re-engineer GSS to become a national initiative.

Together, as a nation, if we can take GSS to a new cycle of growth, it’ll in turn benefit retailers and many other enterprises, and our country as a whole.

When tourists visit us, they don’t just want to buy products, many of which may be more available, accessible and affordable online, in their countries, and in other countries.

In short, tourists want a good time.

If they have a good time, they’ll be more willing to open their wallets and purchase mementos and presents for their loved ones.

As such, let’s turn GSS into a nationwide celebration of joy, happiness, fun, thrill and other positive emotions.

We can offer experiences that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes, sights, sounds, aroma, and feelings. Create beautiful memories that’ll move hearts and spirits through creative shows, parties, meetings, and other events.

For instance, we can showcase our high-tech capabilities through technology-driven entertainments.

These entertainments include artificial intelligence-driven toys that combine the best of robotic engineering, virtual reality, animation, drones, and Internet of things.

As a global city, we can display not only the beauty of our nation to tourists but also some of the wonders of the world in one convenient location.

In the overall scheme of things, let’s be reminded that as a nation with limited natural resources, we have always been dependent, in large part, on foreign capital to build our country – in time past and in the future.

If Singapore loses its attraction to foreigners as a place to live, work, study, shop and play, the bright light may fade out on us on the grand stage of life.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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