Happy Mother’s Day – Part 4.

by Patrick Liew on May 7, 2013

When I was born, Ma was totally there for me – physically, mentally and emotionally.

She never left me far from her reach or sight because she wanted to meet all my needs.

Ma knew every swell, every blemish, and every bruise on my body. She was on call 24/7 and was always, like a soldier, operationally-ready to respond to every squeal, every cry.

If motherhood is a job, it is the lowest paid hard work.

Ma had no occupational training, internship program, or personal coaching and guidance.

Right from the start, I supposed Ma was thrown into the deep murky water and she had to swim – sinking was not an option.

She needed to serve a ‘boss’ who was demanding, could not say thank you, and suffered from many whims and fancies.

Yet, she still loved me.

As a baby, I must have given Ma cute little smiles and that would have melted her heart. Then, all would be forgiven.

It was more than enough reward for the anguish of motherhood. It was all that was needed to fuel her drive to meet my needs and bond with me.

Ma had to go through a series of heartbreaks and in between, put up with many worries and anxieties.

She could wish for many things for the baby-me. Many of the wishes could not be fulfilled or at the least, be fulfilled to complete satisfaction.

Yet, she still loved me.

In my growing up days, I might not be with her but I know her heart was always with me. I would be in her thoughts even if I might not think of her.

Ma could not have lived her life properly as long as I was out there somewhere. She must have worried for me until I returned back to her.

Like any mother, Ma would not hesitate to discipline me.

She would not ‘spare the rod’ – and there were more than a few canes that died a crushing death on my body.

There were times when I felt I was wrongly caned. There were also, to use a legal term, breaches of natural justice. :0)

Still, when I thought of those moments of fits and anger, I knew Ma still loved me.

I’m grateful and thankful for those ‘unfair’ experiences because they strengthened me.

They prepared me to handle the real world and get over the down and depressing moments in life.

They taught me a powerful lesson that I needed to forgive others, let go, and restart my life and relationships again and again.

Somewhere along the way, Ma cut the psychological umbilical cord.

She would never limit me nor stand in the way as I took flight – but I knew her love would always soar with me.

There would always be a resting place when I returned back to her.

In the metaphorical storms of life, Ma would be in a cave with a warm fire. There would be a beautiful song and good food spread out for me.

If you re-read this Love Note, you’ll know that Ma is not that much different to other mothers.

All mothers have a God-given instinct to love and serve their children.

Our mothers’ love seeks to permeate our beings. Their bosoms provide comfort like nothing else on earth.

If you’re a mother, you’re connected to all mothers.

Their children are also in a way your children. Together, you can better rock the cradle and turn the world into a better home.

I trust my Love Note will inspire you to plan for a FUNtastic Mother’s Day.

In a way, I feel Mother’s Day is a misnomer. Every day should be Mother’s Day.

When we go out there to pursue our dreams and goals, a part of that pursuit should be devoted to what our mothers want. We should help meet our mothers’ dreams and goals too.

For all that our mothers have done for us, we owe it to them to make every day of their lives, a safe, secure and happy one. We need to love them, honor them, and show our gratitude and appreciation to them.

We can never do enough for our Mothers. Perhaps, the best way to love them is to be the best parents to our children and children’s children.

The cycle of love, kindness and compassion will then improves and continues…

To all mothers of the world, thank you. We are eternally grateful and indebted to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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