Happy Mother’s Day! (Sunday, 11 May 2014)

by Patrick Liew on May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day!

On Mother’s Day, I want to salute and commend women all over the world and in particular, my wife, mother, mother-in-law, and godmother.

I am grateful and thankful to women. Many of them have played an important part and have made a positive difference in my life.

Women deserve all our love, kindness, and graciousness.

We owe to them much more than we can ever repay in our lifetime.

Without them, none of us would have ever existed, let alone achieve and enjoy anything in life.

Today, I call upon all fellow humans to help women expand their potential and pursue their passion in life.

Let us help them enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

Maximize their contribution to their loved ones, community, workplace and society.

Women are oftentimes born to play on an un-level playing field. They face many disadvantages throughout their life.

There are still many stereotypes about women’s place in society.

Women have to generally work harder to prove their worth.

They have to make more sacrifices to find their place under the family and organizational sun.

Truth be told, despite advancement in science and technology, discrimination against women still exist.

It is unfortunate that violence and abuse against women still happen in many parts of the world.

These acts against humanity remain one of the major social diseases.

Tragically, many of such action, including rape, sexual harassment, and physical violence are outside of conventional radar screen and are not reported in the mass media.

Every violence against woman erodes the fabric of society and causes the world to be a darker place for living.

It undermines humanity and corrodes the soul of life.

Violation and oppression against woman cannot be a part of society.

It should not exist in any family, company, community, and country.

We must put an end to abuse against any woman.

It should not be excused in any way, form or manner.

We must not tolerate any tolerance for such abuse.

We are calling the world to rise up and speak with one voice for our woman folks.

We do it for the sake of mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbours, and friends.

We do it for the collective future of humanity.

We must have a proper, prompt, and appropriate response.

We must speak up and take positive action for them.

The time for a positive change is right where we are and right now.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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