Having Faith to be Wealthy

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Having Faith to be Wealthy

I will never forget the mezzanine floor of the former Mandarin Orchard Hotel for the rest of my life.

It will always bring back bittersweet memories.

That was the location of the lounge where Jimmy Chan, Singapore’s equivalent of Richard Clayderman, would hold fort.

It was also the place where I would, in time past, retreat from my work stress to listen to this talented self-taught pianist.

“Play it again, Jimmy,” I would say to him in jest, echoing the words of Humphrey Bogart in the forgettable movie, As Time Goes By.

He would play the haunting tune with the dexterity that only he could. I would hum along – out of tune – in my mind.

‘It’s still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by’.

The beautiful memories of the lounge would almost completely erased one warm humid afternoon.

Under the dim lights I sat facing my banker – one who had been very helpful with my investments and with whom I used to have many happy moments.

“Mr. Liew,” he started.

One of the reasons why I disliked people calling me, ”Mr. Liew” was that somehow when my banker or my wife addressed me formally in this way, it meant I was in trouble.

This day, it was the same. I was in trouble.

Deep trouble.

“Your properties have been devalued with the downturn. We have no choice but to issue a margin call.”

“We need you to top up your account.”

I felt those words stabbing my heart like a thousand “parang”.

I thought those were some of the most painful words I have ever heard – but it was nothing compared to the final blow.

I mustered all my courage to ask him, “How much do you need?”

“$650,000. We need to receive it before the week is up.”

“If not, our Credit Department will take over your file.”

When I heard that, my heart sank into the deepest abyss of agony.

This was the culmination of a series of problems. By that time, my problems had added up to millions of dollars of potential debt.

I knew what “our Credit Department will take over” meant. I could see it in my mind.

They sealed off my properties.
Put padlocks on them.
“Lelong” them cheap.
Leave me in debt.

Meanwhile, my business and everything around me would fall like dominoes. My life might come to an end. Finito!

That afternoon, I made the strongest pitch of my entire life as a salesperson.

I could not remember what I said to him but I gave him every argument you could imagine.

Finally, in sheer desperation, I told him, “Which businessperson in the right frame of mind would hold $650,000 in his bank account and earn such a meagerly low interest? Especially when there are so many opportunities during these difficult times?”

I could recall those words because I could confirmed later that they had fallen into deaf ears. A few weeks later, he asked for more money again.

The investment climate was definitely not fair on that day when we met again. It was then I knew what a “fair-weather friend” was all about.

Within the next four months, my business partner and I had to generate a seven-figure profit.

If we don’t, everything we had would be gone.

We might never be able to recover from the failure for the rest of our lives. How did we do it?

At the depth of my financial crisis, I discovered and applied many models and principles that help to pull me out of the pits of financial hell.

To begin with, let me share with you a principle for creating wealth.

You have probably not read or heard about it being used in this context.

It’s an old new idea. To be wealthy – Put Faith To Work.

What Is Faith?

To rephrase the words from the Good Book, faith is about being confident that if I aim to be wealthy, I will be wealthy.

There is complete assurance it will happen even if I don’t see it now.

Faith is stronger than just belief. It is about acting on your belief
and believing that your action will help you to be wealthy.

Why Faith?

Whether you know it or not, you already have faith. And you exercise your faith at every moment of your life.

For example, when you sit on a chair, do you check if it can hold your weight? Most of the times, you just sit down, right?

In the same way, if you do not have the faith that you can be wealthy, you will probably not be wealthy.

If you don’t act with complete confidence and assurance, you will not achieve the best results to be wealthy.

Whether you have a strong or weak faith, it requires the same amount of energy.

That is why you need to put all your faith into action so as to be wealthy.

There is a much stronger reason to put faith to work.

I believe our Creator doesn’t make failures. He doesn’t want you to fail. He wants you to succeed and to be wealthy.

Obviously, He is a Gentleman and will not force it upon you. He wants you to work with and through Him to make the most of your life.

Our Creator formed everything out of nothing through His command. What you see around you were not made out of what was visible.

Therefore, if our Creator can make something out of nothing, He can make you wealthy even if you have nothing.

Levels Of Faith

I have developed a table to show different levels of faith. This is to help you know where you stand and help you chart your progress.

To strengthen your faith, you need to be honest with yourself. Honesty is the beginning of knowledge.

Knowledge can lead to wisdom. Wisdom is working on your faith to achieve well-being so as to serve the highest purpose.

What It Means
How Should I Respond
I don’t know anything about wealth
How can I learn about wealth?
I don’t think I can be wealthy
How can I remove my doubts to be wealthy?
If it is so easy, how come most people are not wealthy
How can I differentiate myself from others to be wealthy?
I’m scared of being wealthy
How can I overcome my fear of being wealthy?
I can’t or won’t take action to be wealthy
How can I start taking action to be wealthy?
I know I can be wealthy
How can I build on my knowledge to be wealthy?
I believe I can be wealthy
How can I act on my belief to be wealthy?
I’m confident I will be wealthy
How can I take massive action to be wealthy?
I will be wealthy
How can I attract an abundance of wealth?
Faith At Work
Our Creator will help me to be wealthy
How can I use His infinite power to help me to be wealthy so as to serve the highest purpose?
Table 5.1: Levels of Faith

One of my mentors, Edmund Chan taught me, “Belief is what we hold on to. Conviction is what hold on to us”.

Do you have the conviction to work on your faith and put your faith to work so as to create a wealthier life?

How Does Faith Works?

Faith does not mean that there are no fear, uncertainty and doubt. It means you will still take action despite all the obstacles along the way.

Faith is like walking through a dark tunnel. You may only see a dim light.

Every wealthy person begins with faith – not facts,
realities and certainties.

They may not be wealthy at the beginning or in the process
of creating wealth. They may not be absolutely certain
that they will be wealthy.

However, in their minds, they have faith that they will be wealthy.

However, in your mind, you can visualise, appreciate and enjoy the beauty of wealth on the other side of the tunnel.

Faith is like oxygen. You cannot see it but it gives you life.

Faith will lead you to form the right beliefs. The right beliefs will lead you to acquire the right attitude, knowledge and capabilities.

These qualities can in turn help you find and pursue the right path to be wealthy.

If you have faith and take no action, you are just a day dreamer. On the other hand, if you take action and have no faith, you are just a drifter in the dark.

Faith and work are two sides of the same platform for creating wealth.

You need to work on your faith in order to make it work for you.

The more you put faith in creating wealth for a good cause, the stronger your faith will become.

Your future will be a reflection of your faith in it.
The size of your wealth will be determined by the size of
your faith in turning your financial dream into a reality.

Therefore, you must keep telling yourself:

“With the help of our Creator,
I can be wealthy.
I have complete faith that
I will be wealthy. I will
take massive action to make it

Put faith to work so as to achieve true freedom – starting from today.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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