How Would You Like To Be Treated? Do The Same To Others.

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

How Would You Like To Be Treated? Do The Same To Others.

They who practice discrimination of any kind to a foreigner forgot that their ancestors were once upon a time migrant workers in our small little red dot.

They forgot that many treated their ancestors well. That’s why their ancestors and them can survive and thrive in in our land.

They forgot that one day they may run into a storm and come out if it bruised and beaten.

They will need others to be kind and gracious to them and not to look down on them.

They forgot that by being kind to the less advantaged, they are showing their children how to be loving to others as well as to them, especially when they may become old, weak, and sick.

They forgot that by creating class differences and social divide, they are not showing Singapore in good light to the world.

They forgot that when they travel overseas, they would hope foreigners will look after them and treat them well in their countries.

They forgot that such prejudices will also affect our culture and quite possibly turn our society into a cold and heartless one.

They forgot that by looking after those who are not as privileged as them, they are building a peaceful and gracious society that can help them do better in life.

Let’s help them to remember to do to others what they want others to do to them – even before others have done it.

The greatness of our country is a reflection of the way we look after our people as well as the people who are not from our land.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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