How’s Your Work-Life Balance?

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

How’s Your Work-Life Balance?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese New Year festive season.

Good time spent with my family and relatives. Catching up with old and new friends.

And enjoying wonderful food, fellowship and feasting.

However, I’m also looking forward to going back to enjoying the meaning, excitement and fulfillment of work.

To many people, work-life balance refers to having more focus and time for personal pursuits, preoccupations and pleasures.

Work for some is somewhat like a burden, bondage and baggage in life.

While personal matters are important, work can and should be a vital, desired, and purposeful part of your life.

Other than sleeping, you are going to spend most parts of your life in the workplace.

Therefore, learn to find significance in your work and commit yourself to performing positive, professional and productive work.

Being a professional is not just about what you do, but also about how you do what you do.

You need to deliver the best possible results to help improve your organization, community, economy, society, family, and yourself.

If you enjoy your work, your working life will be a lifelong vacation and what’s more, you get paid to enjoy your time in the workplace.

As far as I’m concern, when there’s no meaningful work to do, you cannot have life, let alone balance.

So, besides asking if your personal life is balanced, you should also ask if your working life is balanced.

If you are not diligent, productive and generating positive results, your work and life is not properly balanced.

What does work-life balance means to you?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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