I Love Planet Earth.

by Patrick Liew on March 30, 2014

(It’s the end of Earth Hour for 2014. I pray it’s the beginning of a commitment to love our planet throughout our life.)

The time has come for us to realise that we are co-travelers on the journey of life.

How we enjoy and perform on this journey depends on how we look after the only vehicle that we will ever have, planet Earth.

Think about it, for every hour that we live on the planet, it  is an hour that the planet has allowed us to live on it.

We are custodians and caretakers of the planet for our Creator.

Our relationship with the planet and its environment is a reflection of ourselves and the future.

If we look after it well, we will build a positive environment for us to achieve a brighter future.

Let’s breathe the air and be in awe and wonder about the beauty of planet Earth.

We must be more appreciative and grateful for its magnificence, the lessons that it’s teaching us, and the way it walks with us in our lifetime.

When we can immerse in the beauty and wonder of the planet, nobody can take away the beauty and wonder that are within us. It’s also an act of worship to our Creator.

We have to learn from previous generations on how to do a good job in looking after the planet. Then, we should teach the generations that come after us on how to do a better job than us.

It is unfortunate that in the name of economic development, we have been destroying the planet.

Our streak of destruction is on a collision path with the planet’s need for survival and sustainability. We need to reverse the negative tide.

We need to save the planet because it’s the only planet with sultana biscuit, muah chee, and kopi-o kosong.

Jokes aside, by the laws of nature, the abuse we hurl at the planet will  be returned back to us.

When we destroy our environment, we have become like viruses. The natural immune system of the planet will dispel us from it.

The planet has manifested its hurt and pain and will continue to do so through global warming, tidal waves, earthquakes, and other natural crisis.

Yet, we sleep through the signs and signals. We continue our march down the slippery slope to destruction.

Today, many of us stand – one natural crisis away – from the brink of decimation.

When we continue to destroy the planet, our act of destruction will eventually destroy us.

The planet is must bigger than us. It has been here long before us and it can exist without us.

Take a leaf from the worst of animals. They build a home in the jungle and live around it.

They do not destroy the jungle and the environment continues to thrive and flourish long after they are gone. We need to do the same.

Remember, everything that keep us alive and well are taken from the planet. We owe it a debt of gratitude to protect, improve and sustain it.

Tomorrow, when the sun rises, I pray we will wake up to a new day. A new day of love, hope and optimism.

Our collective conscience must be awakened.

We must stretch out our hands not for more profit or possession but in compassion and cooperation to make our planet a better home.

The power to save and beautify the planet cannot lie with the government, enterprise, or any other organisation.

It lies in every individual’s hands, including yours and mine.


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Life is FUNtastic!


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