Innovating For Success (Part 6)

by Patrick Liew on October 18, 2011

Innovation should be at the core of every outstanding organisation.

This is a maxim that I hold close to my heart and endeavor to apply in my organization. In my company, I surround myself with the best talents and build a culture of innovation to help us become a market leader.

To encourage you to adopt a culture of innovation, I like to share with you that innovation has helped HSR, according to Singapore 1000/ SME 500 studies, to become the fastest growing real estate company. We were also ranked the #1 in productivity as measured by ROE.

In 2011, we won both ‘The #1 Real Estate Agent’ and ‘The Best Real Estate Agency’ Awards.

Our achievements were the result of the structure, system and process for innovation.

Besides the two building blocks mentioned in Part 5 of this series, let me share three more building blocks with you.

Social Architecture

It is the people who work in the business that make the business work. We endeavor to tap the creativity and power of every human talent in our organization.

HSR aims to be a flat organization with an open door policy. We seek to create a positive, open and friendly environment where people can build positive relationships, have fun, and forge meaningful teamwork.

We encourage one-on-one as well as networks of cooperation and collaboration.

We involve people from different departments and functions in special projects to incubate more and better improvements.

We encourage healthy competitions so as to achieve radical breakthroughs.

Infocomm Technology  (ICT) Architecture

Technology can make or break any organization. We leverage on technology to generate relevant and timely information, enhance communication, improve productivity, and enhance our competitive edge.

We are replicating our enterprise resource planning system to make use of cloud computing so that we can become a 24/7 virtual organization. As a result, we can run our operation in a better, cheaper and faster way.

Business Process Architecture

We believe that what has brought us to this level may not bring us to the next level of growth. That’s why we endeavor to be environmentally-sensitive so that we can respond with speed to new business opportunities and threats.

We inverted our organizational pyramid and organize our people like cells in our body.

We empower them to take charge and to constantly ‘destroy’ and reinvent themselves so as to achieve quantum leaps of – and not just incremental – improvements.

In the new exciting world, we have no choice but to continue to grow on the path of innovation.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we build an innovative organisation?


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