It’s Time To Improve Your Job Satisfaction.

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

It’s Time To Improve Your Job Satisfaction.

The first job I had after graduation was serving National Service.

I had to go through tough military courses before being posted to become a platoon commander.

Eventually, I became a Company OIC before I completed my service.

During my time, many did not relish the idea of being drafted as a soldier.

They resigned to the belief that they have to go through tough and worst, unhappy times.

I was one of the few who decided since I had no other choice, I might as well make full use of my time in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

I live by an aspirational value:
Anything worth doing is worth doing with passion and excellence.

I joined the SAF with a commitment to enjoy the army life, and I did – thoroughly.

In whatever job you are doing, you have a choice to treat your job as what psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski would say, “a job, career, or calling.”

Most people will treat their job as just work.

Do what you have to do, and exchange your time and effort for an income.

Some people treat their job as a profession.

They take pride in their jobs, and invest time and effort to build a career.

They are driven by promotions, having more authority, earning a higher salary, and performing more difficult tasks.

For me, I see my military service and for that matter, all my other jobs as a calling.

As a calling, your job is not just a way to earn an income, and neither should you be driven by perks and career paths.

Your roles and responsibilities are privileges to serve the people and environment around you.

For example, I used my time as an officer to make friends with soldiers and prepare them to defend our beautiful country.

I even stayed back in my camp during many weekends to try and minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of my men.

Over the years, I have come to realize that every job, work, assignment, project, or task can be and should be a calling.

Your calling also applies to whatever legitimate work assigned to you by another person or an organization.

You can leverage upon whatever you do to make a positive impact on lives.

And make positive contributions to your colleagues, customers, community, and country and perhaps, other countries too.

If possible, contribute to support crisis relief efforts.

In our company, we call these circles of influence the 6 Cs Framework.

There is always a higher calling that you can fulfill in your job and worthier cause to serve.

If you want to increase your job satisfaction, treat your job as a calling.

When you do that, you will be able to say, “Thank God, It’s Today!”

Obviously, there are moments in your working life when you will feel really down.

You will feel strong “push factors” to leave the company and “pull factors” for joining a new company.

Those factors are always tempting because the “grass looks greener on the other side of the fence.”

In such times, unless you are being abused, remind yourself that there are no perfect companies.

Even the best company can turn bad.

In addition, as they say, even if you can find a perfect company, it won’t be perfect anymore – because you joined the company.

Be mindful of the fact that only you can decide to enjoy job satisfaction and you can make it happen.

To do that, you can work with our Creator to improve your attitude, mindset and workstyle.

There are three key areas that you can focus on.

a. Look At The Doughnut, And Not The Hole.

Hold on to the belief that with the help of our Creator, you can change the company, bosses, and work environment.

Take your job as a learning challenge – a calling for you to turn the company into a force for good.

Learn to look out for the positives and eliminate the negatives around you.

When you do that, you will always find things to be happy about and to have a greater sense of satisfaction.

b. Take Control Of The Situation – And Do Not Let The Situation Take Control Of You.

Improve your personal and professional capacity and capability so as to make better changes to your company.

Work with your colleagues to turn your workplace into a better place.

Even if you do not have the authority, responsibility or resources, believe that you can still make things happen.

For example, through informal communication, you can build positive relationships and teamwork.

Count it a joy to slowly and gradually influence the working environment.

c. Work with an employer mindset rather than an employee mindset.

When you go to work, ask yourself, “If I am the owner of the company, how can I improve the company and achieve better results?

“How should I work with my colleagues to build a great teamwork?

“How can I support my bosses so that they can achieve better results and contribute to a healthy work environment?”

When you adopt an employer mindset, your bosses will have a greater tendency to appreciate your positive work attitude.

Recognize you for your performance, and reward you accordingly.

Think like a boss from today and run many more extra miles to help build a better working environment.

d. Develop Win-Win Relationships – And Not Win-Lose or Lose-Lose Relationships.

Your calling is to effect positive changes and make lasting impact in the office.

This sense of mission will inspire and motivate you to make something good out of your life and company.

Know that you have been created with the power of choice.

Exercise your choice to turn the dream of having a healthy working life into a reality.

Do not subscribe to and accept lose-lose or win-lose relationships in the company.

Work towards building win-win cultures and relationships.

That will help to improve job satisfaction.

In closing, start to enjoy your job and career by taking your first step today – start changing yourself.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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