Laughing At Myself

by Patrick Liew on July 11, 2011

I was born with a normal nose. Most other noses that I have seen so far are much smaller. Ha!

Since young, I have learned to accept and love my nose. I have even joined a group of friends who dressed up as clowns and put on big red noses. They go to hospitals to entertain sick children.

There was a joke I used to tell, “When God first created me, He said, “Nose?”

I heard, “Rose”. So I replied, “Sir, can I have a BIG one?”

When friends commented about my nose being larger than normal, I told them, “It’s big because the air is free.

“I can smell more roses – including roses in England”.

And if you ever make me angry, “I’ll blow my nose and start a typhoon”.

I will laugh at myself and not at others.

When I do that, I discovered there are so many more things in life that can bring me a good laugh and amuse myself, including my failures and downsides.

Go on! Have a good laugh at yourself – and you will realize you have become more matured and wiser too.     :o)

:o) (Patrick Liew without a mask)

Bo) (Patrick Liew with a mask)


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