Leading The Past

by Patrick Liew on January 28, 2015

Been in the bottom rung
Far too long
Been lost in the heap
Where no light takes a peep
A voice within you beckons:
Arise and shine forth
Break free, jump high, take a leap!

Your life belongs to you
The past has no hold on you
Live it differently
Live it better.
You alone can mark the path
Far away from your painful past.

Upon your hands Our Creator has given
The freedom to live as you have chosen
No acceptance needed
No approval demanded
Decide today
Your fate forever
You have the gift of choice
Use it well.

Even if you stumbled in the past
Arise from the dirt and dust!
Look at the past with lessons to gain
Do not wallow in defeat, sadness and pain
No letdowns, but lessons
You’re no victim, but a victor!
No excuses, no pointing fingers!
The past had you in it, but today is happening
And tomorrow awaits
So veer away from the slippery slope
Of negativity
And today create a brand new destiny!

Leave behind the baggage
Break free from the bondage
Why carry a heavy burden
When you can have a lighter load?

Change the world
By changing within
Be fully responsible
Say “I” not “You”
Whatever life hurls at you
Respond with a positive opposing force
Commit to victory
And feast upon life’s wonders and beauty.

Yes, there may have been
A time when you were weak
Taken advantage of, left alone
But our Creator is mindful of you
His design is for you to succeed
Do not let the past condemn
A bright future that awaits
Forgive, forget, move forward!

You may once have lived
Under mere consequence
Of other people’s actions
But your life is yours alone
Determine its significance and purpose
Replace negativity
With positive emotions.
You reap what you sow
When you’re positive about life
Life is positive about you, too!

Challenges are no millstones around your neck
They are cornerstones to your success!
Restart your life
Create the best future!
Improve your skills
Continue to learn
Sustain the change
For the better.
Confront the past
Make peace with it
Hold on to your dreams
Let not the past pin you down
Your victory awaits
Claim it, it’s yours

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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