Lessons For The Next General Election

by Patrick Liew on November 12, 2019

Lessons For The Next General Election

From observing how astute politicians conduct their campaigns all over the world, one key takeaway for Singaporeans is that we are not shielded from downsides of undue populism, and neither are we protected from their adverse intended and unintended consequences.

To ring fence ourselves from falling prey to these challenges, the authorities should continue to educate our electorate.

Ensure that even the ignorant and the apathetic are politically-matured enough to be objective, rational, balanced and pragmatic.

Inoculate them from political opportunists who will not hesitate to tug at heartstrings and to over-promise socio-economic benefits in exchange for political currency.

Compromise long-term growth for short-term gains, especially if the electorate is less inclined to take bitter medicine to achieve positive improvements.

Voters should be mindful not to be sold on appealing lies, half-truths, and misconceptions.

Be moved by well- packaged promises, propagandas and persuasive pitches that are developed by well-oiled publicity machineries.

And risk the future of the nation by using their votes as instruments to express their unhappiness, and to retaliate against a political candidate or party because of personal feelings and experiences.

Voters should put in effort to conduct appropriate research, think critically, and make better-informed judgements.

One wrong vote can be the first step to a long decline in a constituency and potentially change the fate of our nation.

After an election, there should be a roadmap to heal and reconcile the people, and strengthen our country.

The process of uniting the people should not just involve political leaders but it should also involve all of us.

The question every Singaporean should ask is, “How can I contribute to, improve, and strengthen our democratic system and society?”


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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