Life Lessons From Horses – Part 4: Build Resilience To Succeed Even During Tough Times.

by Patrick Liew on January 31, 2014

Horses are highly adaptive beings and they are able to adjust to any environment and condition.

They have a strong survival instinct that can help them find food and flourish even during tough times.

I believe this ability to thrive is the reason why the Chinese has a saying, “马到成功.” What it means literally is that wherever the horse goes to in the wild, it can enjoy success.

In other words, when you wish someone, “马到成功,” you wish for that person to enjoy instant achievement or success.

Horses have a sense of courage and pioneering spirit that drives them through wild and unfamiliar terrain to seek new grazing ground.

During winter times, they are known to dig beneath layers of snow to find food and other means of sustenance.

is said that horses have what is called a soft eye. Instead of focusing their sight like a telescope, they can see things around them like a radar screen and see them from different angles.

They use this ability to stay alert and respond quickly to any risk and danger. At the same time, they look out for each other in the herd and ensure their safety and survival.

Like horses, we can learn to develop a spirit of resilience.

On the journey of life, there will be many challenges. They are great teachers to help mould us to become better leaders and shape us for better things.

Therefore, do not wish for lesser or smaller challenges. Instead, develop a never-say-die spirit that will go and grow through difficult times.

As we strengthen our resilience, we can prosper during good times and capitalise on the silver lining in every dark cloud.

We can flourish through whatever situation or circumstances.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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