Life Lessons From Horses – Part 5: Life Is A Team Sports And You Win Better As A Team Player And Leader.

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Life Lessons From Horses – Part 5: Life Is A Team Sports And You Win Better As A Team Player And Leader.

Horses live and travel in herds even if they are confined in a range.

They know that they can lose their lives in a split second.

That’s probably why they operate as a herd to warn each other of imminent danger and stay alert together to respond to danger.

They have a way to communicate with and depend on each other for companionship and support.

They have an unwritten allegiance to stand by and help one another that will probably put many humans to shame.

Horses have a way of proving their worth to one another to become a leader of the herd.

Interestingly, a dominant horse is not the horse that commands the most respect and exerts the most influence.

The leader of the herd is the horse that looks after the others well and ensure their safety and survival.

The leading horse keeps watch over the herd and looks after the needs and well-being of the herd.

As humans, we will do well to learn from horses and learn how to lead and manage a team.

And how to operate interchangeably as either an effective leader or an effective follower depending on the task, situation and people involved.

Bear in mind that if you don’t know how to be an effective follower and a team player, chances are you cannot be a good leader.

As a leader, be mindful that your job is to be a servant to others.

Unless you have a heart to love and serve others, you do not qualify and deserve to be a leader.

Be aware of the vision, needs and concerns of your team members.

Look after their best interests and reach out to bring out the best from them.

Help them achieve desired outcomes and make them feel that they did it on their own.

Even without your presence, they can continue to pursue a higher level of achievements.

In doing so, you’ll also be motivating yourself to become a better person and leader.

As a result of working as a team, your life can become more meaningful, exciting and fulfilling.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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