Living a Contemplative life

by Patrick Liew on October 8, 2019

Living a contemplative life is to return to silence.

Silence is like a blank screen on which words of wisdom can flourish and inspire lives to another peak of achievement.

A musical sheet that can be used to compose melodies to touch hearts and raise human spirits to another crescendo of living.

And a canvass to create works of art to move human hearts, and paint awe and wonder in our beings.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where noise abounds.

Silence has taken a gradual retreat.

It’s a sad phenomenon because in the absence of meaningless noise, you will find the presence of timeless wisdom.

In silence, wisdom can speak to you.

So, what is this silence that many have lost in the rush of modern life?

Silence is not an absence of sound or noise.

There has been and will always be all kinds of sound and noise around you.

The silence that speaks to us and enlightens the soul dwells deep inside you.

In stillness and quietness, you can bring thoughts and heart to meet the soul, and converse fully with yourself.

In that ocean of silence, you can reflect fully on the meaning and purpose of every endeavor.

Find the universe within you, and discover the real you in the grand scheme of life.

And discover what truly matters, and get the answers that you have been looking for.

In silence, you can also hear the gentle and quiet whisper of the Creator.

Unfortunately, silence has been misunderstood and has become a stranger to many.

Busyness, restlessness and distractions have invaded the sacred space of silence.

Those noises may have suppressed awakening of the mind.

Buried ability to be refreshed, and conviction of values and directions.

Perhaps like a baby that was delivered from blissful silence of the mother’s womb, you should cry over the loss of peace and innocence.

Cry over how worries have filled your mind.

And opine over how restlessness have crowded your heart, and hastiness have driven your steps.

The good news is that you can return to silence anytime.

There are many pathways to silence and it begins with your heart.

Put aside time to seek the wordless joy and wisdom of silence.

Shut yourself from the world and stay away from all distractions.

Move away temporarily from your circle of friends and activities.

Fast from modern communication facilities.

And unleash the courage to rise above the noise, slow down, and then be still.

In calm quietness of your mind, find the presence at the core of your being.

Relax, reflect and seek the Source of your being.

Reflection is to the soul what nourishment is to the body.

It clears the cobwebs of your mind and lights up the path that is ahead of you.

Do not open your mouth to speak unless your words are more meaningful than your silence.

To make sense of the complexities of the post-modernistic world and the fast pace of change, you need to return back to silence regularly.

When your mind is clear, such clarity can bring about magic.

Through reflection and crafting of better mental maps, you can better track through the terrains of life.

The drama of yesterday has been presented.

Tomorrow’s a blank script.

Today, you can start to craft the most wonderful story for your life.

Remember, you’ll never get older in the past or younger in the future.

Therefore, do not waste any moment rushing through life.

Don’t be so busy living your life until you forget to learn how to live a good life.

Live a well-reflected life and you’ll be on the path towards greater wisdom and success.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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