Living Meaningfully

by Patrick Liew on June 21, 2011

How will I live tomorrow and tomorrow’s
tomorrows to make my life really count?
At the end of my life, how will I appraise it?


I had a wonderful dinner with Col (Ret) Tan Hung Kee and Siew Kee, his beautiful wife. We have known each other for more than 20 years now.

Hung Kee won a scholarship from the SAF to complete his tertiary education. He rose fairly quickly through the rank and file in the military organisation.

Hung Kee eventually became the Chief of Armour. He had an illustrious career and was highly respected.

After his retirement, many doors were opened to him. He could have taken up any of the position and, I’m sure, he would have made a success out of it.

Instead, Hung Kee and his wife shocked all of us by moving to Kota Kinabalu. They served a small community, helping people with spiritual and emotional difficulties.

This couple then moved to Hainan, China to continue their humanitarian mission to help the poor, the needy, and the disadvantaged.

I was deeply moved by the sacrifices they made to fulfill their calling. They touched my heart for the way they gave themselves to their chosen community.

Many people measure life by the quantity of possessions rather than their quality of contributions.

This couple has shown us a better way to live life. They have made a positive difference to many people, including me.

Col (Ret) Tan and Madam, I salute you wholeheartedly.


Question: How can we live our lives more meaningfully?


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