Living Moments (Part 33) – Mission Possible

by Patrick Liew on July 4, 2012

On 30 June 2012, I boarded a plane to go on what seemed like a trip to nowhere.

Specifically, I was going to Kazakhstan but what I knew about that country was just that – the name.

This was my first trip there. While my staff had done some research about the country for me, the information up till then had been properly filed and well kept in my suitcase.

I was so busy beating project deadlines that I did not have a chance to read the notes.

I was on a mission trip, something that I used to do frequently. Sadly, I had not done as much of it as I loved to in recent times.

It was sad because some of the best times in my life had been spent in some remote villages and in largely unfamiliar towns and cities.

I could go on and on to share with you some of the interesting people I have met on such trips. I could even probably regale you with some of the exciting experiences and perhaps keep you at the edge of your seat.

Like a good story teller, I will keep most of them for another time and like a good entrepreneur, I like to have your eyeballs returning to this site. Ha!

Most of my trips these days were mainly to provide educational services. It included offering mentoring, training, coaching and advisory services.

I did it because I was a firm believer in providing a helping hand and and not just handouts. Education, to me, was the best way to raise standards of living and improve quality of life.

Education was also a good way to help people reconnect or deepen their connection with our Creator.

I prayed that I could hold their hands and help join them to our Creator’s Hands. By doing so, they can tap on His infinite wisdom and resources.

I was going to Kazakhstan at the invitation of Ben Koh, a fellow Singaporean  and an old friend. 9 years ago, he left the comforts of our shore to live among a relatively unknown people.

They must have at least been unfamiliar to him at the beginning. Having married Mara, a local native and lived there for some years now, he could now live there just like any of the indigenous people.

Going back a few years ago, Ben had arranged for some key leaders to come to my office.

They went through a subset of our leadership programme. Subsequently, according to Ben, their eyes were opened to some new possibilities, including a different way to communicate information.

I remember the initial period when they first attended the training.

As many of them were recognized and experienced leaders, I was concerned about what I can share with them.

Many of them have been taught mainly through conventional methods. They were not used to our practical and hands-on approach and if I may add, our ‘rock-concert’ style of delivering knowledge and skills.

I could understand their scepticism.

I could empathize with their position because I was once like them – until I realized there was an infinite amount of wisdom out there. There were wisdom which I could readily tap from as long as I have a teachable heart.

I was not a frog in the well, I was more like a worm living in my small little hole.

I have learned a long time ago, if I tried to impress  people with my knowledge, there was little to impress them with.

I have also learned if I appealed to them with my communication skills, I would fail miserably because they could see through my ethnocentric agenda . There were also many people who could do a much better job than me.

Besides, I could only achieve what a finite man could achieve.

Fortunately, I have learned a secret on how to move people’s minds. I have found a way to touch their hearts and transform their lives.

We should at this point take a commercial break. After the break, I would be sharing with you a life-changing message.

Just kidding.

When I have the honor and privilege to speak to any group, I would remind myself that I was only a human. Just like them, I too have dreams.

I was mindful of my frailties and foolishness. I lived with my fair share of fears and failures.

I had to be real when I stood before them and to be authentic with my messages. That’s what the audience would expect from me.

That’s how they could relate better with me. That’s how I could move their minds.

I learned that the best way to share was to share from my heart. Some of the best stories to illustrate my messages were experiences from my life. That’s how I could touch their hearts.

To transform their lives was beyond my capacity and ability. Only our Creator could do such a miracle.

However, He could use me to be a router for His messages. He could perform signs and wonders through me.

To make it happened, I had to be mindful that I was only a mouthpiece for Him. I was but  a conduit to relay His words.

Way before the speaking engagement, I would research and prepare for my message. Research and preparation was good but not enough.

I learned that I should never allow the content to distract me from receiving our Creator’s communication. I should never let it block my mind from tapping on and sharing His lessons.

Therefore, after I have offered my greetings and well wishes, I would then wait…

When I still my mind and switched on my antennae, He would on many occasions download His words to and through me. Sometimes, I could even see and hear them.

Mostly, I could sense His prompting to voice a point, a story, a vision,  a revealation, or whatever He wanted me to communicate to the audience.

Magically, the message was always the most relevant for the situation. They were the right message for the people.

On many occasions, I felt called to deliver peculiar messages to individuals, many of which I could not understand or even remember after I have shared it.

Many of these individuals would cry or express other forms of emotion. Somehow, the message would strike a chord in their life.

Much later, I would receive feedback from some of them. They would share about how they have found renewed passion, new direction, added encouragement, or a variety of other outcomes from the message.

I could not and dare not claim any credit for any of these results.

Deep in my heart, I knew I was just a servant for our Creator. My job was to serve the people who gave of their time to listen to me.

It was with this in mind that I embarked on my journey to Kazakhstan.

I have prepared my heart and mind to be used. My whole being is ready.

I would be listening…

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


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