Living Moments (Part 44) – A Miracle Personified

by Patrick Liew on August 25, 2012

On 18 August 2012, I was squatting besides and talking to Tracy Lee, a living miracle. Little did I know that it would be the last time I would  be seeing her.

Tracy was a director of ERM, the organiser of different series of beauty pageants. Together with the very capable Mr Alex Liu and a relatively small team of professionals, she has successfully organised many mega events for years.

Despite going through some controversies, these pageants have seek to highlight not only positive images but also promote healthy living, amongst other positive values. It has inspired many ladies and provided them a platform to give back to society.

As an experienced event organiser, I know for a fact that it is not easy to put together such shows. A thousand and one details are needed to be looked into, any of which can go wrong even at the very last moment and it may  crash the show.

It is hard enough to face and resolve these challenges. Yet, Tracy had to face another major hurdle in her life.

Tracy was visually challenged.

An unfortunate accident had caused her to lose most of her vision. As a result, she oftentimes needed a care giver to help her move around.

In addition, she suffered from diabetes and was wheelchair-bound for the last few months of her life. Through it all, she managed to pull through another successful pageant and was planning for others.

It is still a wonder how she could organise the different series of pageants all these years. That’s why I called her a living miracle, an inspiration to many people who are facing challenges and want to succeed in life.

I could only call her by that affectionate term until 23 August 2012.

In the afternoon of that sad day, I received a text message from the USA. The purpose was to inform me that Tracy had moved on in her life.

At her funeral in the Mandai crematorium, many grateful relatives, colleagues and friends came to pay their last respect and see her off.

Tracy has crowned many queens and have always wanted a crown for herself. To send her off, Alex and many others decided to get her a tiara – a well deserved one, if I may add.

Tracy will spend the rest of her life, enjoying a non-stop party time with our Creator. There will be no more pain nor sorrow but only happiness forevermore.

I miss Tracy. And I know there are many many others who share my sentiment and affection for her.

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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