Make Reading A Lifelong Love Affair

by Patrick Liew on April 25, 2016

In an increasingly digitized and fast-moving society, there are many distractions, and communications are frequently reduced to sound bites.

As a result, reading as a habit has taken a beating and if this trend continues, we will not be any wiser or healthier as a people

We need to inculcate a lifelong love affair with books because reading is one of the basic building blocks to achieving success and living a great life.

Reading can help us find out about life. It can also bring forth life.

Reading is like having a ticket to board a special vehicle, a cheap way to go on an amazing journey to discover more knowledge, events, and experiences.

An exploratory trip to discover truths and realities and in the process, help us find our purpose and place under the sun.

The beauty of reading is that we can go on the trip for as long and as intensive as we want, and do it from the comfort and security of our home.

Reading can make us laugh. It can also make us cry.

It can make us smile and then frown a short while later. It can bring us to the peaks of emotion and the pits of feeling.

Throughout the roller coaster ride of experience, we can enjoy a tapestry of rich sight, sound, smell, spice, and sensation.

Reading can transport us out of the world. It can give us freedom to roam the expanse of space, time, and history and offer a helicopter and deeper view of almost every idea, concept, emotion, and body of knowledge.

Reading can help us probe the smartest minds and learn from the wisest beings. We can walk where they have walked and go where they have gone.

Learn virtually from their failures and build on their successes. Live through their lives and leverage on lessons from them to enrich ourselves and others.

Books are like stars that can help to navigate our lives. They trigger ideas and stretch our imagination so that we can see more clearly on our journey.

Reading can show us who we are and who we should be.

It can teach us how to live our lives from the start to the end, and help us go from where we are right now to our rightful destination.

You need to find time to read or you may up end up wasting more time because books can teach you how to make full use of your time and lives.

The more you read, the more you can only learn. The more you learn, the more you can improve and achieve better results.

Read not only what you want to read, but also what you don’t feel like reading. Learn to love and enjoy the different genres of published words.

What oxygen is to life, words of wisdom are to our soul.

These words of wisdom are like bolts and nuts to help us build strong structures and scaffolds in life. They are tools to help us respond to the complex and ever-changing currents of life.

Read a book thrice. First for the content, context, and composition.

Then, make it a point to reflect on and craft your thoughts about them. Think about how to apply the lessons in your life.

Finally, make the words of wisdom come alive through your life.

In that sense, a good book continues forever. The final “chapter” of the book is about how you have applied the lessons from it.

The best “ending” of a book is how you have leverage on the lessons to make a positive difference to the people and environment around you.

You may not need to read so as to live but you certainly need to read to live a full life and live life to the fullest.

Like a good and open book, live your life wisely, transparently, and responsibly.

I look forward to reading the book of your life and especially the final chapter and beautiful ending.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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