My HSR Salesperson Tip # 107

by Patrick Liew on October 29, 2011

Craft Your Power Phrases To Close Every Sale

The following are some possible examples of scripts to close a sale. Please improve on them to achieve sales success.


“This is the best time to upgrade or downgrade your property. Even if you sell low now, you can also buy low or possibly lower”

“It’s better to sell fast. You will never know if the prices will come down.”


“You can pick good buys. There are less competition.”

“If the price did not generally come down after four rounds of measures and they were implemented within a short period of time, in my opinion, it is unlikely to come down. In fact, the potential supporting factors is still positive.”


“Singapore’s real estate market is supported by sound fundamentals. The government is ensuring stability and sustainability of the market. If they can introduce property measures, they can also withdraw them to support the market.

“Let’s look at how to refinance your current property to finance your purchase of the next property”

“Why don’t you combine with other investors to invest in the property market?”

“This is the best time to deploy your recent profits to pick up good buys.”


“It’s better to make a fast decision. With the introduction of property measures, it is possible that more people are looking at renting properties.”


“It may be wiser to rent out your property as soon as possible. Potential tenants may consider buying their own properties.”

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