My Valentine Day Wishes

by Patrick Liew on February 14, 2012

I wish all lovers the most romantic, loving n happy Valentine Day. May the passion continue even after today n throughout your lifetime.

Love is not a word but an action. It’s not just a noun but more importantly, a verb.

Like nourishment to a beautiful plant, you need to shower love – publicly n privately, explicitly n implicitly – so that your relationship will grow to become a meaningful, exciting n fulfilling one.

Seek not for the best partner. Instead, seek to be the best partner.

Don’t look out for the negatives but look out actively for the positives.

Be slow to criticise but quick to show your appreciation n affirmation for one another.

During courtship, you spend time looking at each other. After marriage, you need to also look in the same direction to build a wonderful family n to serve a worthy cause.

May today be the start of a long n beautiful relationship. Happy Valentine!


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