On Giving Back

by Patrick Liew on October 27, 2016

While it’s heartening to know that Singapore has improved its ranking in the World Giving Index 2016, it’s also a concern that lesser people are volunteering themselves for a cause.


If it takes a village to bring up a child, it takes the people of a nation to strengthen the nation and make it a warm, gracious and compassionate place.

Singaporeans should look back regularly and remember that they have been able to stay alive and enjoy many other other blessings because many people have helped them in the past.

Hence, they need to give back by donating their thoughts, time, talents and treasures, including money – no matter what challenges are ahead of them.

It bodes well to be mindful that beneficiaries of charitable donations could very well be any one of us.

Just as we would hope for help when we’re in need, we should also help others who are in need and challenged by life.

It may not be possible to help everybody in the world but we can certainly stretch out our hands to help somebody around us.

Pat them on the back, lift them up with words of encouragement, and lift them out of a difficult situation.

There are many lives and things around us that are falling apart.

If we don’t do our part to fix them, they may come back to haunt and affect us.

Research have shown that when we help others appropriately, it’ll increase our happiness level and contribute to our overall wellbeing.

All great religions teach us that we need to do good to others to enjoy meaning, significance and fulfillment.

Perhaps, the many talents and other blessings that were given to us are but gifts for us to share with and help others.

The positive feeling that we can enjoy while doing good is not something that we can buy for any amount of money in the world.

When we give back, we free up room for more and better blessings to flow into our lives.

If we search deep enough in our heart of hearts, we’ll know that we are designed to
love and care for others.

Giving back is a vital part of our spirit and an integral part of our being.

The worst heart disease is not to have a heart for people and the environment around us. Time for a change of heart?

In the next phase of our nation-building process, let’s do more and do better in volunteering ourselves to strengthen the soul of our country.

Just as we have excelled in so many ways, let’s rise up together and be known for our love for people in our land and beyond, and for the environment.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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