Pigs Can Teach You How To Fly.

by Patrick Liew on August 19, 2019

Pigs Can Teach You How To Fly.

As we celebrate the year of the pig, I’m reminded of the story of “The Three Little Pigs”.

Since the book was initially published in 1849, parents have used the story to teach their children to work hard while persevering to do the right thing.

And not to be drawn to shortcuts, and be sidetracked on their way to achieving success.

As I reflect on the story, I realized that there are many more lessons that can help us live at a higher plane in life.

1.Live a well-planned life.

A good life is a result of positive choices and changes.

It is never left to chances or circumstances.

Therefore, always seek to plan for the best and at the same time, prepare for the worst.

Unfortunately, many people are like two of the pigs in the story that built their houses using straws and sticks.

They are focused on satisfying themselves with short-term fun and gratifications.

As a result, they build houses that cannot last and protect them from intruders and vagaries of the weather.

They live a life that does not give them a sustainable sense of meaning and fulfillment.

2.Preempt, prevent and proactively respond to challenges.

The Chinese has a saying, “天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福.”

What it means is that there will always be challenges in life.

A “big bad wolf” may show up anytime and in the worst possible time.

The “big bad wolf” can come in the form of a problem, con job, sickness, failure, or disruption to your current job or lifestyle.

While you cannot prevent challenges, you can find purpose and significance in every challenge, and apply the resulting lessons to become a better person.

Two of the pigs learn lessons that they will never forget in their lives.

The third pig was kind and generous enough to protect its brothers and save their lives.

I’m sure all three pigs will be more motivated to help each other, and to do a better job in their future endeavors.

Besides endeavoring to preempt challenges, you need to also develop the capacity and capability to handle all kinds of challenges.

It includes developing the discipline, determination, problem-solving skills, resilience, and grit to overcome challenges and build on them for greater good.

It bodes well to remember that you can always grow bigger and stronger than any challenge.

3.Focus on pursuing the right path to get the best possible results.

The pig that took great effort to build its house with brick and mortar must have been tempted by its two brothers.

It saw them playing, laughing, having fun, and finding new games to amuse themselves.

Still, it pressed on to improve and carry out the plan, and accomplish its objectives.

On the journey of success, you will come face to face with discouragements, delusions and distractions.

There will be obstacles, adversaries and even failures.

Many people will laugh at you and hold you back from
pursuing your dream.

Still, you need to fight on.

It’s better to fight for sustainable gains than for temporary benefits.

Success belongs to those who never give up.

These heroes hold on to the belief that success is a long corner but it is just around the corner.

When they overcome all odds and turn their dreams into a reality to help others and the environment, their stories – just like the story about “The Three Little Pigs” – will live on to inspire others.

4.Never let your guard down.

There are some versions of the “The Three Little Pigs” that have the big bad wolf trying to trick the last pig out of its house since it won’t be blown down.

Thankfully, the pig stood its ground and outsmarted the wolf and stayed out of harm’s way.

After you have achieved your dream, you need to pursue better and more worthwhile dreams.

Don’t let ignorance, apathy and complacency lead you down the slippery path to failure.

While it’s important to be contented, it’s equally important to fight on for a better world and for those who are poor, disadvantaged and helpless.

5.Know your limitations, prioritize your tasks, and choose the right path.

The “big bad wolf” exhausted itself while trying to go after the first two pigs and to blow down the house made of bricks and mortar.

It should have given up and pursue a better and easier prey.

Instead, it continued to go after the pigs and landed itself in hot oil or hot water, depending on which version of the story you read.

On the journey of life, you need to constantly prioritize your tasks, and major on accomplishing the majors first.

Do not be caught up with doing urgent tasks – tasks that seem to require your immediate attention but they do not necessarily help you get the best results and fulfill your desired objectives.

There are times when you need to recognize your limitations and the obstacles ahead of you, and re-focus on achieving another better goal.

In doing so, you choose your battlefield to win an easier victory, and further prepare yourself to fight the harder war at a later stage.

To choose the right path, spend time to reflect on your life.

Do not let busyness get the better of you, and be blinded by activities that may not bring you closer to fulfilling your goals.

Seek wise counsel in helping you to stay on the right track to live a full life.

What other lessons can you learn from “The Three Little Pigs”?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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