Price Of Peace

by Patrick Liew on December 28, 2015

(This posting is for people who has been hurt by someone in their life.)

A wounded person cannot enjoy life.

A broken heart cannot fully love.

A crushed spirit cannot live meaningfully.

Long after the transgressor has left you, you continue to bear the hurt and pain.

Paradoxically, you carry the hate and resentment and hope that the transgressor will suffer for them.

The only solution – forgiveness.

Through forgiveness, many of your psychological and emotional issues can be resolved.

Forgiveness is not an intellectual exercise.

Forgiveness comes from the heart and not from the mind.

That’s why, forgiveness is for the brave and not for the weak.

Forgiveness is the way of winners, not drifters.

Forgiveness ensures that you do not allow the transgressor to continue to hurt you.

Forgiveness empowers you to move on and not return to the past that you want to leave behind.

Forgiveness frees up room in your heart and mind for love, for the best of life, and for personal fulfillment.

Forgiveness lifts you to live at a higher plane of life.

My friend, will you forgive and forgive again and again for the sake of lasting peace?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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