Quit Smoking

by Patrick Liew on June 28, 2011

When I was a kid, I thought it was ‘Macho’ to be a smoker. Fortunately, I did not quite like the taste of cigarettes.

Actually, I sucked on the cigarette and it produced the smoke. Therefore, I should not be called a smoker but a sucker. J

Moreover, my nose is designed wrongly to let out the smoke. It should be inverted – like a chimney. Ha!

There are ample scientific evidence to prove that smoking would kill me – and kill me gradually.

If I don’t die, I might suffer in pain. My loved ones would have to look after me.

I’m glad I quit before it was too late. The prices of cigarettes have increased and will continue to increase and will impact my life negatively.

I would have ‘burned’ my money and turned my life to ashes.

The good news is, there are help available to quit smoking.


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