Repositioning C-Suite Executives

by Patrick Liew on October 5, 2016

C-suite executives are not just custodians of realities but also creators of possibilities. They have to know how to study and interpret trends, evaluate new and emerging developments, and think strategically about how to create a desired future.

In a knowledge-based economy, they should not only act as just steel vault of information but also as search engines and system integrators. They hold a vast array of critical and beneficial information for the company. Very often, this information is held in their minds or under lock and key with multiple security levels and passwords.

This information is not properly organised and analysed. It is not being effectively translated into useful tools and resources to help other units and individuals to share this information and leverage on it for better results.

In a global economy, they have to go from being I-shaped executives to being T-shaped intrapreneurs. They should have the ability to acquire a wide range of knowledge and expertise to help improve profit, advantage and growth.

As they come to grip with disruptive forces, they have to not only be good firemen, they need to also know how to set up firewalls. Their job is to respond to fire in the marketplace and also be proactive in becoming disruptors and preventing any virus from disrupting their ever-improving business models.

To take the company to a higher level of growth, they have to not only be a leader but also be a leader of leaders. By developing more and better leaders, they can help the company achieve a more sustainable growth.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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