Resolving Roots Of Fake News And Not Just The Symptoms

by Patrick Liew on April 4, 2017

Resolving Roots Of Fake News And Not Just The Symptoms

We should aim to nip the problem of fake news by its bud by stopping these news from being created and spread to the public.

To do so, the authorities can cut the lifelines of companies and individuals that promote and propagate fake news by restricting or stopping their revenues from advertisements and other sources of income.

The relevant governmental agencies should be prepared to take recalcitrants and their supporters to task and even press criminal charges against them.

Key stakeholders from the public, private and people sectors can set up fact-checking systems to verify vital information and rate credibility and reliability of social media sites.

They can also look into flagging and tagging sites that deliberately create and spread fake news and ensure that the tagging stays with these sites and fake news wherever they appear on social media spaces.

They should also explore possibilities of developing a “name and shame” database of recalcitrants so that all stakeholders can help to pressure them and stop the malpractice.

Technologies should be created to prevent fake news from being shared and even after they’ve been shared, these falsehoods can be deleted, corrected or tagged.

Consumers can be forewarned prior to them viewing these fake news or cautioned after they have viewed these news when they are found to be fake.

Just as importantly, the authorities should educate our people, from young to know how to research, think critically, and be discerning about credibility and reliability of the sources of information.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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