Ride On Disruptive Waves For Growth

by Patrick Liew on January 17, 2017

While automation may take over many jobs, it may not be able to fully replicate and leverage on different human intelligences.


These intelligences include moral intelligence, fluid intelligence, creative and innovative intelligence, entrepreneurial intelligence, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence, and intelligence for leveraging technology.

In addition, automation may not be able to perform all tasks, including tasks that involve abstract thinking, leadership, aesthetic, emotive, social and cultural, personalised and persuasion factors.

For example, robots can take over some of the work. However, there’s still a need for humans to produce and program the robots.

There’s also a need for creative and nuanced inputs to further develop the robots to perform additional and more complex tasks.

Therefore, study what automation cannot do or cannot do as well as humans, and what they can do better with humans.

Identify niches and gaps that cannot be fulfilled or be adequately fulfilled by automation.

Value add to these niches and gaps in order to have more stable, secure and sustainable jobs, results and contributions.

Be mindful that for every operation that is being automated, new jobs and other opportunities are being created that may be more meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling.

Commit to lifelong learning to capitalise on these new opportunities.

As we come to grips with the disruptive future, remember that if we travel on the same road, we’ll always reach the same destination.

Therefore, we need to find a better road or develop our own road to reach a more desirable destination.

By preempting and capitalising on automation, we’ll not only be able to survive and succeed, we can also take our country to the next level of growth.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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