Singapore’s Multimillionaires.

by Patrick Liew on October 1, 2013

The 5 Ps in life – Position, Power, Possessions, Pleasure, and Prestige.

Many people measure life by what they have rather than what they gave – the quantity of possessions rather than the quality of contributions.

They pursue the 5 Ps, believing they can give them a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. They thought they can control the 5Ps and allow them to exert an undue influence on their being.

It’s important to remember: What we try to master can master us. The 5Ps can enslave us and take control of our life.

If our desire for the 5 Ps exceeds our desire to enjoy and make use of them, we may slide down the slippery slope of life.

When we overvalue the 5Ps, we will discover that instead of achieving a sustainable state of happiness, we will be deceived into a miserable stench of emptiness.

The 5 Ps are only important if they can be used to create positive values and results. The people and world around us should become better for it.


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