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by Patrick Liew on October 21, 2011

Infocommunication Technology (ICT) can make or break any industry, including the real estate industry.

In the past, ICT has often operated as a closed loop system; a vault that can only be accessed by high priests of technology and those ordained to leverage on it.

However, with the evolution of social media, the power of information, real or unreal, can be transferred into the hands of consumers and the public.

When consumers retreat to the cocoon of their homes and shut themselves out of mainstream advertisements, they are more easily influenced by people close to them and whom they can identify with.

Enterprises that ignore these fast-moving changes do so at their peril.

Companies can take a proactive approach by vigilantly tracking the ‘noise’ in cyberspace and responding to it before it turns into reputational earthquake. Alternatively, they can also capitalize on it and even create a viral tsunami by promoting to a targeted audience. They can share with them their crafted messages, including their rightful commitment to corporate social responsibility.

As the merit winner of the prestigious National Infocomm Award (IDA) and the Singapore Infocomm Award (SITF), we have invested substantially to capitalise on internal and external information from both the world of ‘brick and mortar’ as well as from the Internet. We seek to provide relevant and timely information, improve communication within the organization and without, and build strong bridges with our valued clients and members of the public.


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