Speaking for Life (2)

by Patrick Liew on May 26, 2014

Every time, when I stand on a stage to speak, I’m mindful that it is a privilege and honour. I’m always thankful and grateful for the opportunity to serve and to be of service.

It is very clear in my mind that I am standing on the stage first and foremost as a student. It is a learning experience and I aspire to learn from everybody present in the room.

Prior to speaking, I’ll ask our Creator to use me as His mouthpiece. I want to be His mouthpiece to bring His message to the people.

That’s the only way to bring a message of life, one that will last the test of time.

I have learned a long time ago that if I try to impress the audience with my knowledge, it will not create a deep impression.

I have also learned that if I appeal to them with my communication skills, I will fail miserably. They can see through my ethnocentric agenda .

Besides, I can only achieve what a finite man can achieve.

There is no question in my mind, I am an ordinary man aspiring to make an extraordinary impact on the audience.

I, too, have dreams.

I have my fair share of frailties and foolishness. I live with fears and failures.

Therefore, I want to be real when I stand before them and to be authentic with my message. That’s what the audience will expect from me.

That’s how they can relate better with me. That’s how I can move their minds.

I learned that the best way to speak is to share from my heart. Some of the best stories to illustrate the message are my real life  experiences. That’s how I can touch their hearts.

To transform their life is beyond my capacity and ability. Only our Creator can do such a miracle.

I believe He can use me and anybody for that matter, if we are obedient, to be a router for His message. He can even perform signs and wonders through us.

To make it happened, I have to be mindful that I am only a mouthpiece for Him. I am but  a conduit to relay His words.

Way before the speaking engagement, I will research and prepare for the message.

However, research and preparation are good but they are not good enough.

I learned that I should never allow the prepared message to distract me from receiving our Creator’s communication. I should never let it block my mind from tapping on and sharing His lessons.

Therefore, after I have offered my greetings and well wishes, I will then wait…

When I still my mind and switch on my antennae, He will download His words to and through me. Sometimes, I can even see and hear them.

Mostly, I can sense His prompting to articulate a point, a story, a vision, a revealation, or whatever He wants me to communicate to the audience.

Magically, the message is always the most relevant for the situation. It is the right message, the message that the audience needs to listen and respond to.

On many occasions, I felt a call to deliver a peculiar message to an individual. I cannot understand or even remember it after I have shared it with the person.

Many of such individuals would cry or express other forms of deep emotion. Somehow, the message would strike a chord in their life.

Why? Because our Creator is Life and only He can offer a life-exchanging experience.

Much later, I would receive feedback from some of them.

They would share about how they have found renewed passion, new direction, added encouragement, or experience other amazing outcomes from the message.

I cannot and dare not claim any credit for any of these results.

Deep in my heart, I know I am just a servant for our Creator. My job is to serve the people who sacrifice their time and energy to listen to me.

It is with this mindset that I prepare my heart and mind for the next message.

Lord, what do you want me to speak and do for you? I am listening…


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Please read my reflections and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


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