Starting Life Again And Again…

by Patrick Liew on June 18, 2011

WHAT I FEEL LIKE SAYING (WIFLS)* is every now and then I need to creatively ‘destroy’ myself and renew my life again.

Many years ago, I felt a need to go on a 7-day fast – to stop eating solid food and to sustain myself with liquid food. (Note: Please do not do it unless you have consulted with your doctor).

I felt a calling to pray, recraft my dreams and vision, and redesign the way I lived my life.

I did not want food to distract me from rethinking about my future. As my body became acclimatized to the fast, my mind became clearer and that helped me as I struggled with many issues in my life.

At the end of seven days, I did not seem to see the light. I felt our Creator telling me to continue my fast.

I had to restructure the way I managed my life. I had to reengineer the systems and processes of everything I did at every given moment of my daily life and in particular, habits that I was very comfortable with.

By the end of the third week, I did not feel a dependency on food. My body was doing housekeeping, cleaning up my body systems, and surviving on excess fats.

Meanwhile, I had to run the company and meet clients to ensure survival and success of the business. I also had to take a series of examinations to qualify for a professional designation.

I felt I needed to continue to reinvent myself. I realized if I cannot change myself, I cannot change the things around me. I had to lead myself before I can lead others.

I continued my struggles to remove blockages in my life, baggages that prevented me from being the best that I could be. I started to realign my lifestyle so that I could move in the right direction towards my goals.

I needed to recreate my environment; including making painful changes to the people I mixed around with.  I had to find ways to reenergize my commitments and rejuvenate what I think, do and say.

At the end of forty days of fasting, I came out of it feeling like a new person. I felt I could rise to a higher level spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically.

I also realized what it meant to feel hungry. What I used to think was hunger pangs was only my ‘spoilt’ body crying for me to continue my habits and to stay within my comfort zone.

Instead of controlling my body, I had allowed my body to control me. I decided to make improvements to my lifestyle so that I can be fit, strong and healthy.

This is only one instance of how I had to renew my life. I had to do it again at many other periods of my life – and sometimes, I was forced to do it.

For example, I had to redesign my life when I was kidnapped, became almost bankrupt, almost died, lost my business…

I learned it is better to choose to renew my life on my own accord than have to be forced to do it.


*‘WIFLS’ is one of the rituals in My HSR to help us understand each other, communicate, and build a stronger relationship. You will learn about it at My HSR Bootcamp 1 and 2.


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