The Private Life Of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

by Patrick Liew on March 18, 2016

Mr LKY exemplified the lifestyle of a great human and leader.

To the best of my knowledge, he did not indulge in any vices. He was careful about his eating habits and he exercised regularly. He looked after himself so that he can be more productive as a leader.

He was a model for all married man in the way he loved his wife and looked after her when she was in coma. He read to her nightly according to his daughter and he even knocked himself one evening when he fell asleep while reading to her.

He was a respected father who brought up three children who were outstanding students and responsible citizens. His children have done their part to contribute to society.

For a public figure, it’s uncommon that nobody could find any scandal or indiscretion in his life.

By any measurement, Mr LKY lived an exemplary life as a great leader.


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