The Way Of The Warrior

by Patrick Liew on November 28, 2014

The warrior is a navigator in life, a dream chaser and a world changer. He stands tall in the crowd and stays ahead of the field.

The warrior battles storms and floods, charting new direction and setting new record for his dream.
He focuses on creating a better world, a brighter future for all of us.

He shows the way. But the truth lays bare.

It is easy to dream but how many will make the necessary sacrifices to make dreams come true?

Anybody can give up hope but who will give up temporary comfort to press on to the stars?

Who will withstand loneliness of a warrior on the journey to his dream?

Who will suffer fiery heat and bitter coldness to live up to ideals and fulfill a worthwhile cause?

The warrior knows when he walks the high road, it will be filled with conflicts, controversies, and challenges. The journey of the warrior may not be a calm and peaceful one.

Life has taught him that the person who succeeds never hide from his enemies or run away from real or perceived problems. He confronts and challenges them in such a proactive way that they will never be a burden or a baggage on his journey.

There is no turning back for the warrior because the vehicles and tracks behind him have been destroyed. There is no other way except forward.

The warrior fights on and on. His constant companions are perseverance, grit, and resilience.

The enemies will fight the warrior every step of the way but he remains steadfast. He may be knocked down but never knocked out.

The warrior learns to pull himself up and press on. He bounces back again and again to fight a better fight and for a better life.

The warrior lives as if in another world, plotting an unchartered path.

The world may laugh, people can jeer. Detractors will even humiliate the warrior for carrying a different belief.

They abuse him because of his abnormal values and harass him for his unique goals. His body, mind, and emotion will be stretched but the spirit of the warrior will always overcome.

The warrior knows no one can rob him of anything unless he allows them. No one can take away what he will never let go.

The warrior will never accept ‘impossible’ as part of his working lexicon. He does not accept status quo or a future that is enforced on him.

The warrior learns to free himself from shackles of the past. He will not allow yesterday’s junks to dominate the present and
cloud the journey ahead. He rejects a future that diminishes his dream and designs one that will turn his dream into a reality.

The warrior recreates himself rigorously, relentlessly, and unrelentingly. He is not unduly concerned about being like the others or what others say about him. More often than not, he comes across as being more unreasonable than reasonable, abnormal than normal.

The warrior lives in defiance of the average, defying the alluring calls of mediocrity. He inspires defiance with a purpose, rebelliousness with a cause.

The warrior is constantly creating radical advancements and leading the trends. While others are thinking about what’s next, he is planning for what’s coming after “what’s next.”

The warrior is looking ahead of the curve and around the bend to be future-ready. He disrupts current patterns to create the next breakthrough. In addition, he seeks to know the unknown and discover the undiscovered to plot a better path.

In due time, the warrior influences others and changes the way they think, speak, and act. He starts a revolution, a movement to turn the world upside down or right side up.

The warrior’s sight is not on the desert, neither does he cower before steep and rocky mountains. His eyes are transfixed on the stars. They plot his direction and cheer him on the upward climb.

In his mind, the warrior sees the land of his dream. He hears the sound, feels the beat, tastes the fruit, and smells the freshness of a world that has never existed before.

The warrior is passionately focused on victory. As long as he is alive, the battle is not over. The ending of the story is not completed.

When the world knows that the warrior is prepared to die for his dream, it will soon give way to him. The battle may seem long but success is just around the corner.

The enemies may have started the battle but the warrior will win the war.

My friend, our Creator has placed a warrior spirit within you. It’s time to unleash its power for the good of the world.


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