Time To Stand Up Against A Bully?

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

Time To Stand Up Against A Bully?

Trump co-authored a book, “The America We Deserve”
with David Shiflett in 2000.

In that book, Trump was quoted to have said, “A true dealmaker can keep many balls in the air, weigh the competing interests of other nations, and, above all, constantly put America’s best interests first.

“The true dealmaker knows when to be tough and when to back off. He knows when to bluff and he knows when to threaten, understanding that you threaten only when prepared to carry out the threat.

“The dealmaker is cunning, secretive, focused, and never settles for less than what he wants. It’s been a long time since America had a president like that.”

Since becoming the President of arguably the most powerful nation, Trump seems to manifest the ways of a bully, bulldozing the path ahead to protect his turfs and hopefully, advance his country’s interests.

By investing in the armed forces, he is building muscles to call the shots.

As a bully, his biggest concern is that others will gang up against the US or abandon his leaders (negative side of multilateralism).

Hence, he has to speak up against multilateralism more than a few times.

Trump is taking on China not purely because of trade imbalance, but also to take down the next possible threat.

In doing so, the US will continue to exert geopolitical influence across the planet.

In the drama of life, the screenplay is not black or white.

There may not be absolute heroes or villains perpetually.

Trump wants his ways and it may not be totally wrong.

However, if his ways go against interests and goodwill of the rest of the world, there’re two possible responses to stop his path of destruction.

Expedite promotion and strengthening of multilateralism.

Educate the American people that Trump is taking a dangerous path that will not bode well for the US and for the rest of the world.

The US could not have grown strong and fast after the Great Depression by working unilaterally.

If there’re any achievements in the current and future economy, it could not have been accomplished without contributions from the rest of the world.

By helping the economic tide to rise, the US can only do better and achieve more.

Take a leaf from the Vietnam War.

It ended not because the US cannot continue the war and quite possibly emerge the victor, but because the American people decided they have enough of that war.

Be prepared to stop the ways of a bully soon enough, or the world may have to pay a high price for it, and that high price may snowball in due time.



I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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