Tribute To Migrant Workers

by Patrick Liew on July 31, 2018

Tribute To Migrant Workers

On Labour Day, I want to pay tribute to a group of workers who toil to serve us.

Ode To Foreign Workers

Dig, shovel, clear the dirt
Under the scorching sun
His skin burns, his brows heavy with sweat
His stomach grumbles with hunger
His throat dries up with thirst
These roads that need to be paved
Are the same roads that connect him
To a loving wife, a brood of five
Back home, faraway
Upon this foreign soil he comes
Bringing all his strength to labour
These roads to build
Their dreams to build
A future out of poverty
A better life, a better home.

Wash, cook, clean the house
Without complaint she works all about
Her tears held back each time she longs
Warm embraces of young ones left at home
Pangs of hunger she can ignore
Pricks to a mother’s heart beyond bearable
For how she worries if at home they receive care
The way she devotes to the family she serves here.
News of illness are the worst
Stay strong, sob, and pray
Sacrifice now, work hard, pay the price
To change the fate of her children, and her children’s children.

The road worker an engineer
The maid, a teacher
These noble professions could not be the ticket
To things far better
They don’t aspire for worldly riches, caprice set aside
The basic of a good life is all they desire:
Food upon the table
Shelter over head
Education for the children
Leave them upon this earth
With a better headstart.

To you whose service they devote
Look beyond the gap
Fill their cup with love
While at this time your land is their abode
The true test of your nobility
Is when you carry the mantle of charity
Upon your heart for these, your brothers
Transcend race, colour, stature and all differences
They push along and work with pride
They bring home honest wages
Keep them strong, inspire them to move along
They need a family upon this foreign soil
To bless the family awaiting them back home.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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