Two Deaths

by Patrick Liew on January 11, 2015

Two deaths greeted me one morning in the papers.

One passed on in blazing glory. The other, a lonely death leaving broken hearts.

Two humans, a stranger and someone I thought I knew a long time ago.

Unsettling thoughts swept over my mind. Different emotions toss and turn in my heart.

Death has a way of lending poignancy to the highway and byway of memory. It can cause a sobering and jolting effect.

As I reflect on the brevity of life, I can’t help feeling sad that in the process of making a living, many do not remember to live life. There is a greater fear for death than for not serving a worthwhile cause and living a full life.

On the other hand, life cannot be fully appreciated if one is not mindful that death lurks just around the corner. If one doesn’t believe that life can disappear like a morning dew, there will not be utmost urgency to change and live a better life.

Indeed, there are many unfinished businesses with people and the world around you. Close the files and close it well before the tide of time turns and moves on.

The essence of life is not about how long you live but whether the good that you have done will last beyond your lifetime.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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