Unleashing Freedom Of The Mind

by Patrick Liew on April 19, 2016

The time was way past midnight.

There were many things I needed to do and deadlines to meet.

Workload has become somewhat overwhelming.

Even after finishing my work and calling it a night, my heart was heavy laden – not from unfinished tasks but from remnants of stress and strain.

That’s when my mind started to wander…

It went on a charming journey through the expanse of space, time and history.

When it returned, I felt peace in my mind to rest for the night.

As I reflect on the experience, it affirms my belief that our Creator has blessed us with a wonderful mind.

There is nothing that can hold down our spirits, nothing can limit our minds.

Our hearts cannot be stopped from emoting every passion and enjoying the wonderful tapestry of emotions.

With dreams, we can visualize the beauty of life. With imaginations, we can capture the essence of living.

We can go to the ends of time and cover the expanse of the universe.

We can be ourselves or act as somebody else, visualizing life from every angle and perspective.

We can walk down memory lane and be fully aware that we are living at the current moment.

We can be transported through the corridor of time within split second and be at different places and even at different ends of the universe.

We can be in two places at different time zones and literally at the same moment.

At the blink of an eye, we can walk down memory lane and be fully aware that we are still living at the present moment.

Then, we can return back to the here and now at the snap of the finger.

We can travel through time and feel both young and old…

Be hard at work and at the same time, sitting around a campfire with our dearest childhood friends again…

We can roam, carefree and aimlessly through the streets – enjoying every single moment…

Being in a crowd and at the same time, just being by ourselves… Alone, and yet not feeling lonely…

Reliving a wonderful phase of life…

Running with the winds…

Swimming in cool crystal-clear water and amongst the most endearing fishes…

Standing on snow-capped mountains, facing cold wintry winds and sipping sweet and creamy hot chocolate…

Splashing water on pearly white beach…

Staring into the vast expanse of the galaxy and being mesmerized by the millions of stars floating on the canvass of the sky…

Immersing in the beauty of the moment and soaking in a spectrum of emotions…

Enjoying every possible experience – and all within the confines of our mind.

Rhyming with the melodies of life and reaching the very climax of life…

Amazing, isn’t it?

At times when we feel stretched, we can hearken back to enchanting moments of time past.

The freedom that we can exercise with our minds helps us tide over challenges of the moment.

It gives us strengths to carry out the obligations of life.

From the perspective of space, time and eternity, all the boulders of life look like sand.

It’s not a wonder that the passage of time has been described as sands of time.

From this perspective, we can take comfort that all things, including negative experiences will soon come to pass.

Good times will always be back – and they are just around the corner.

How can you let your mind loose so that you can enjoy every beauty of life?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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