What’s In A Tie?

by Patrick Liew on November 16, 2017

Why do I wear a tie at work?

In short, I wear a tie for you.

When I first started working, I used to wear a tie because it was part of my employer’s organizational culture and a norm in our industry.

As I grew older and hopefully wiser, I realized that there are many virtues to wearing a tie.

Before I continue, if you are one of those people that do not believe in wearing a tie, I respect your decision.

I also respect whatever reasons you have for making that decision.

Personally, I wear a tie at work as a mark of respect for the people that I meet.

Looking professional is my way of letting the other party know that I am thankful for the opportunity to meet them.

Therefore, I will take the trouble to dress well and look good for the appointment.

This is to show my desire to win their faith in me.

As a result, I hope they will open up to me and we can engage in a meaningful and fulfilling conversation and relationship.

By putting on a tie, it is also my way of communicating to the other party that I am committed to my work.

I will look into the smallest detail to do a good job.

Run many more positive and extra miles for them.

And do everything possible to earn their trust, friendship, respect, loyalty and affection.

When I show up for a meeting with my team, we aim to be well attired.

We want to demonstrate to the other party that we are professionals.

Being professional is not just about what we do but it is also about how we do what we do, right down to putting on a tie and, if appropriate, a business suit at work.

At the same time, we want them to know we work as a team to serve the other party.

We will help them achieve the best possible outcomes and results.

In our industry, we were arguably the first to set the trend for dressing well and looking good.

We are happy to see that many of our counterparts in the industry have also followed our example.

It is our belief that how we do even the smallest detail will influence how we do everything at work and in our lives.

If we cannot handle the smallest of details, we cannot handle major issues and achievements.

By putting on a tie, we are also psychologically motivating ourselves to be confident and operationally-ready to take massive action for the people and environment around us.

Next time when you see us in a tie, remember we put it on…for you.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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