You Are Gifted!

by Patrick Liew on August 27, 2018

You Are Gifted!

I once participated in a dialogue with Mr. Stephen Yam-wing Yip, Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Life-wide Learning & Library) of the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

Together with a group of educational leaders, we engaged him in an insightful and interesting discussion about educational reform.

Midway through the interaction, he casually dropped what I believed to be a great gem of wisdom.

Stephen’s words switched on a light bulb in my mind and kept me thinking until today.

It will probably occupy my mind till my last day.

Someone had asked, “What is the Hong Kong government doing about gifted students in Hong Kong?”

Stephen’s reply was stunningly enlightening.

He said, “We have done a lot of research about gifted children. We have also spent time to study what other countries are doing to help them.”

“We asked ourself, ‘What is giftedness?'”

“We feel that giftedness can be seen from the lens of multiple intelligences.

“Giftedness does not have to be intellectual. It can be manifested through different knowledge and abililities.

“It can be anything from the way we think and develop ideas, use our body, work with others, take a series of action, or do something.

“The fact is, Everybody Is Gifted.

“Every parent should believe that their children are gifted.”

After he made the last two statements, the silence around the room was deafening.

It seemed like he had unlocked a hidden part of our minds. He led us into a world that we never knew was inside us.

Think about it.

Our Creator has created you as a unique and wonderful being.

You are designed with distinctive thoughts, passion, knowledge, and skills. Together, they form strengths that can propel you to success.

When you use your strengths, you can tap the highest level of potential and passion.

Perform at your best and find the sweet spot for your happiness, contribution and fulfillment.

It is unfortunate that many have not been able to identity and develop their strengths.

They have buried their talents in a deep recess of their beings and sadly, they have not capitalize on these talents to go farther and faster in life.

For some, the world has cruelly deceived them to believe that they are lesser than what they really are.

They can’t do much with their life.

Like an undiscovered diamond, they are covered with layers after layers of lies, half truths, and misinformation.

Their giftedness remains buried deep under the ground of ignorance and apathy.

Let the truth be known again – You Are Gifted!

Let no one blind you to this truth.

Nothing should rob you of the possibilities that are waiting to be unleashed from your potential.

If God has made you to be gifted, how grateful should you be? How should you treat yourself and live your life?

Because you are gifted, do you know what you can do well? Or, what you can do well if you put your heart and soul into it?

How should you use your gifts, talents, and strengths?

When are you going to start taking massive action to unleash your giftedness?

Do it Now!


Parents, please share this important message with other parents and your children.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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