Aspiration For 2014.

by Patrick Liew on December 31, 2013

In the year ahead, I plan to take on different roles to fulfill my Joseph calling to be a blessing to others.

I want to touch lives, bless families, enhance communities, and improve society.

I aspire to use the Barnabas gifting make a positive difference to the world around me.

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1. Dream Maker

I want to help others find and reignite the dream in their heart.

Without a dream, they are drifting through life. It’s like traveling without a map and being carried by the winds to a meaningless destination.

I seek to help them in unleashing their maximum potential to live a purposeful life.

2. Bondage breaker

Many people are trapped in the past. They carry past hurts and baggages.

By the power and authority given to me by our Creator, I want to continue to help break these bondages.

I want to release people from the prison of their mind and soul.

3. Win-Relationship Developer

I want to build a positive relationship with like-minded people so that together we can serve a worthy cause.

I’m not even looking at building a win-win relationship. As long as my friends win, I’m happy and will rejoice with them

At the same time, I must take all precaution to ring fence myself against energy vampires.

These are people who will not only distract me from my aspiration but who will also suck energy from me. I am not great enough to befriend them.

4. Greatness- Builder

We have only one short life to live and there is no dress rehearsal. Therefore, there’s every reason to make full use of life and to live a great life.

Life should not be wasted. I’m therefore committed to fulfill my mission to inspire others to greatness.

Through achieving greatness in their personal as well as their working life, they can strengthen our economy and contribution to society.

The world will become a much better place.

5. Value Multiplier

As the Bible says, the highest level of contribution is to love people and it includes value-adding to their life and the environment that they live in.

The best way for me to do it is to leverage on my gift, strengths, and advantages and make a positive impact on their life.

I have spent almost my entire life learning about entrepreneurship, financial investment, and other life skills.

For 2014, I plan to train, mentor, and coach at least 100 committed performers to develop these areas of their life.

I’m confident of helping them to become successful in their professional and personal life.

I want to help fifty of them to become millionaires within the next three years so that they can use their wealth to bless others.

I have a track record of doing it  before. By the grace of God I can do it again.

6. Memories Creator

I’m mindful that it’s not about how long I live but whether what I have done will last beyond my lifetime.

The measurement of our life is the memory we will create and leave behind for others.

The best gift I can offer to others is a treasure cove of beautiful memories.

7. Evangelist of love.

Love is the most powerful force in life. It is what the world needs to make it a better home.

Love is not out there. It is within each one of us.

The more we reach out to love others, the more love we will have.

Once activated and after we have learned how to live with love, we cannot operate on the same plane anymore. The world around us will no longer be the same again.

I hope to to inspire others to share love, kindness and compassion.

I want to reach out to the last, the least, and and the lost and do my part to help them enjoy dignity and fulfillment.

I have been blessed and I want to be a blessing to others.

Please continue to teach and help me.


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