Being Thrifty

by Patrick Liew on June 29, 2011

As my current pair of shoes was wearing out, I went back to my favorite shop in an old warehouse to buy a new pair.

I have been patronizing it for the past ten years, especially when they have a ‘Big Sale’.

The new leather shoes caused me only S$42. A great bargain.

The shoes looks good and is functional. It is also comfortable on my feet.

Many people have adviced me, “As the CEO of a public-listed company, you should wear designer’s shoes”.

I have learned long ago that I should always solicit for feedback.

If they are good, I should adopt it. If not, I should not let it stand in the way of progress.

I’m just a steward of whatever resources have been given to me. I need to be wise in how I use them.

In case you need to know, I did not take the advice.

Thriftiness is still an important value of life.


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