Building Castles In The ‘Cloud’

by Patrick Liew on June 24, 2011

If you are not building your life
on the Cloud, you may not have much
of a life soon.

I was invited to share at the inaugural Google Enterprise Road Show. The purpose of the event was to enthuse the audience about the potential and possibilities of using Cloud services, and in particular Google Apps.

As the first company in our industry to migrate 100% to the Cloud. I made it a point to read up about this relatively new technology.

The more I study about it, the more I am excited about the values and benefits of using Cloud technology.

I believe it is the ‘Next Big Thing’ in technology.

If you are not leveraging on the Cloud, you will be out of business. You cannot live a better life without it.

Let this be a warning to any real estate agent and just about every other human.  



Question: How can we make better use of the Cloud?


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