‘Embrace Ageing’ Movement – Please support

by Patrick Liew on March 16, 2012

I’m happy to read about this student-initiated movement. The purpose is to create awareness and promote social inclusion and acceptance of the elderly in Singapore.

This campaign was started in response to objections from Woodlands and Toh Yi Drive residents to the establishment of elderly care services in their neighborhood.

The link to the facebook fanpage is as follows. You may ‘Like’ to express your support.


We need to support this movement because our parents and many other people from the older generations have looked after us and made it possible for us to live our life.

We need to support this movement so as to build a more loving, a more compassionate and a kinder society.

We need to support this movement to set an example for the generations that come after us.

We need to support this movement because we too will grow old and we hope others will look after us when that happened.

For those who object to loving our senior citizens, they will be very happy that we fought for them when they grow old.

Thank you.


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