Envisioning For A Great Life

by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

February 15, 2010

Recently, I went for a Lasik surgery so that I don’t need to put on a pair of spectacles. I calculated it is more convenient, cheaper in the long run, and easier for you to admire my double eye lids. J

More importantly, I want to challenge you to perfect your vision for the great life ahead of you. Without vision, as the good book would say, people will perish. Therefore, you need to craft dreams and goals to not only live but to also live a more successful life.

What do you want to achieve in your real estate business?

How will you achieve your goals?

What can you do to be motivated?

How can you do more and better for your life and career?

Please take time to dream big dreams and take actions to turn them into reality. You are living in one of the most exciting places and times.

You can achieve whatever you set out to do. You can aim to live the best life. You must take actions now.

To help you craft your goals, we have developed My HSR Personal Income Model. If you want a copy, please send an email to paceo@hsr.com.sg.

I wish you a prosperous, healthy and happy Lunar New Year.

May you commit yourself to be the best you can be. And take massive actions to be the real estate advisor.


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